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Preliminary Agreements and Remarks from the 5+5 Geneva Talks

 Oct 22, 2020

Taking place from October 19-24, the fourth round of Libyan (5+5) Joint Military Commission (JMC) talks mark the ongoing initiative by the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to help parties in the Libyan conflict reach a lasting agreement towards a ceasefire.

According to Stephanie Williams, Acting Special Representative and Head of UNSMIL, deliberations of this round of talks have already produced major results, such as the agreement to the opening of land and air routes in Libya, which will connect all regions and cities of the country. In addition to this, both parties agreed on “the need to end the use of inflammatory and escalatory media rhetoric” – meaning to halt the use of hate speech.

Furthermore, as stated by ASRSG Williams, all parties agreed to avoid any military escalation and work towards the exchange of detainees. Pertaining to Libyan oil, all agreed to work on restructuring the Petroleum Facilities Guards, which will ultimately ensure the increase and continuation of the production of oil.

Scheduled for October 19, the topic of arrangements for security of Libya’s central region is expected to “pave the way” for a permanent ceasefire agreement. With this optimism, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ plea for a lasting ceasefire agreement could lead to fruition.

In a press briefing by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on October 21, the United States reaffirmed its support of Libyan sovereignty and called for foreign forces to leave and “let Libyans decide their own future.” Pompeo commended the Libyans’ reassertion in taking steps towards a lasting ceasefire during the ongoing talks in Geneva this week.

For more information about Secretary Pompeo’s remarks, read here.

Source: UNSMIL and U.S. Department of State

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