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Arrival of First European Tourists to Libya in Decade

 Oct 27, 2021

On 19 October 2021, a group of more than 100 European tourists arrived in Libya, marking the first time that tourists from Europe have visited the state in a decade. 


Entering through the Tunisian border, the group started their 12-day trip from Ghadames, a historic town located in southeastern Libya, one of many tourist attractions that the country has to offer.


The visit includes several major tourist destinations across the country, once boasting thousands of tourists prior to the uprising of 2011. The arrival of this group of tourists to Libya indicates the war-torn nation’s recovery from years of conflict, allowing tourists to visit safely and contribute to the local economy.


A former major sector of Libya’s economy, the tourism industry is critical to the success of Libya’s traditional industries and hospitality sector. As Libya continues on its path to peace and stability, the revival of tourism provides hope for the country’s full return to participating in the global economy.

*Photo courtesy of the Libyan Ministry of Tourism and Traditional Industries and the Ghadames Tourism Office

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