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Ambassador Bughaighis Takes Part in "Her Power" Summit

 Oct 15, 2020

On October 15, 2020, Ambassador Bughaighis partook as a featured speaker in Foreign Policy’s “Her Power” summit, an annual, high-level event bringing women together to discuss issues of economic, political, and social inclusivity.

In a breakout session titled “Women in Diplomacy,” the Ambassador discussed the importance of including women in foreign affairs and decision-making positions. In conjuncture with Ambassador Floreta Faber of Albania, Ambassador Bughaighis spoke to a small audience of approximately one hundred attendees, touching on her personal experience and providing advice to those interested in foreign diplomacy.

This event aims to amplify the voices and untapped leadership contribution of women in foreign policy and the global arena. Convening global thought leaders in dialogue and deep conversation, the “Her Power” summit examines women’s transformative potential across policy, business, and civil society.

For more information about the annual summit, visit Foreign Policy’s website.