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Libya Enterprise, U.S. Small Business Administration, and USAID Discuss Joint Cooperation

 Mar 09, 2021

Within the framework of continuing the joint, bilateral economic cooperation between the State of Libya and the United States, Ambassador Bughaighis held a meeting that included Michele Schimpp, Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of International Trade of the Small Business Administration (SBA), and Dr. Abdalnasr Abouzkeh, Managing Director of Libya Enterprise, with attendance by several officials from the two organizations, as well as a representative of USAID in Libya.

Within the discussion, both sides considered ways and mechanisms of cooperation between USAID, SBA, and Libya Enterprise, in addition to prospects for establishing a partnership aimed at capacity building by means of providing consultation to Libya Enterprise. Additionally, all parties discussed the possibility of benefiting from the expertise of the SBA in a way that would contribute to achieving a jumpstart for small projects in Libya and enhancing their contributions to economic development.


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