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Ambassador Gives Keynote Address at USIP Event

 Mar 04, 2021

On March 4th, Ambassador Bughaighis participated in an event hosted by the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) titled, “COVID-19 and Cooperation in Libya: Moving Past Conflict and the Pandemic.” In the event, the Ambassador gave the keynote address, highlighting the cooperation and progress made by Libyans throughout the conflict, pandemic, and Libya’s various tracks. 

In addition to the Ambassador’s address, the event featured various Libyan civil society leaders from the Moomken Organization and Tanmia 360, including insights from a member of the World Food Programme (WFP). Mike Yaffe, Vice President of USIP’s Middle East and Africa Center, gave opening remarks, while Nate Wilson, USIP’s Libya Country Manager, moderated the event itself.

Cooperation and coordination between the Libyan government and civil society organizations are critical for effective public health policy during health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. While the conflict has created challenges in tackling the virus in full force, progress is being made in obtaining vaccines and eventually distributing them to the population.

To watch a recording of the USIP event, click here.  

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