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Embassy Facilitates Repatriation of Libyan Nationals

 Aug 01, 2020

Spanning the week of August 2nd through the 6th, the embassy organized and facilitated the repatriation of a group of Libyan nationals. Having been stranded due to COVID-19 restrictions, Libyan students and others visiting the United States gathered in Washington, D.C. to return collectively to Tripoli. Due to quarantine measures, all Libyan nationals underwent COVID-19 testing in order to reenter the country. 

 In coordination with both the Libyan and US government, embassy staff worked long hours to ensure the safe repatriation of this group of Libyans, who ultimately departed on August 6th for Tripoli. Libyan nationals were initially transited to Istanbul, Turkey, whereupon catching a flight to the Libyan capital. 

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