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On the Confirmation of the Government of Libyan National Unity

 Mar 16, 2021

On 15 March 2021, the Libyan House of Representatives confirmed all cabinet members of the Government of Libyan National Unity (GNU). On this historic day, the entirety of Libya was unified under a single, national authority, setting the stage for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for 24 December 2021, Libya’s 70th Independence Day. 

In this regard, the formation and confirmation of the GNU gives testament to the Libyan people’s drive toward self determination, ultimately for the sake of the nation’s stability and prosperity. As a new and bright future dawns in Libya, there are still challenges ahead that must be tackled to solidify peace and security. Establishing a secure and stable Libya is critical, not only for Libyans themselves, but for the entire region. 

With the successful confirmation of the new Presidency Council in the Supreme Court and new cabinet members in the House of Representatives, five women have been selected to serve in the cabinet, with some as the heads of their respective, sovereign ministries. This marks the first time Libya has witnessed this number of women in leadership positions. As a major turning point for the nation, the formation of the GNU comes with great ambition, with we, as Libyans, being commended in our drive toward a unified, civil democracy.

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