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Ambassador Speaks at Harvard Kennedy School's Arab Caucus Event

 Apr 01, 2021

On 23 April 2021, Ambassador Bughaighis spoke in a virtual event hosted by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Arab Caucus, a student organization that aims to shed light on the diversity and complexity of the Middle East and North Africa. 


In the event, titled “Libya: The Country of Omar Al Mukhtar; Its History, Politics and Ambitions,” Ambassador Bughaighis gave a presentation concerning Libya’s long and diverse history, highlighting the variety of landscapes, heritages, languages, and historical sites. Additionally, she noted the significance of events in Libya’s modern history, with a focus on the period between the 17th February Revolution of 2011 to the current confirmation of the Government of National Unity with optimism for Libya’s future. 

After the ambassador’s presentation, students and attendees of the event posed questions for discussion, where the ambassador discussed Libyan security, economic challenges, and opportunities. In turn, Ambassador Bughaighis stressed the importance of national reconciliation for the country to move forward toward prosperity, with the hope that elections scheduled for the end of the year will give Libyan institutions unity and legitimacy.



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