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Libya's Youth Political Consultation Report 2020

 Nov 18, 2020

Constituting the bulk of the population, Libyan youth have been one of the worst hit segments of society during the ongoing conflict. As the initiators of historic change in the nation since 2011, Libyan youth have had high aspirations for Libya which have ultimately been met with immense challenges, leading to a polarized country rife with conflict. 

With the most recent Libyan Political Dialogue Forum taking place in Tunis, Tunisia, talks of the need for a new political system have ultimately led to the agreement for upcoming elections, expected to take place in 2021. With this great news, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that all voices are accounted for and heard in order to bring the State of Libya towards unity and solidarity.

In a report issued by the Youth Political Consultation in November 2020, Libya’s young people are highlighted as one of the pinnacle sectors of society in creating lasting political change and stable peace in the nation. Aiming to amplify and deliver the voices of these youth, the report notes the importance of addressing their concerns as part of the bedrock of any political settlement.

For more information about the concerns of Libyan youth in political dialogue, read the Youth Political Consultation Report 2020 in both English and Arabic here.   


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