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Amazigh New Year: National Identity Brings Us Together

 Jan 13, 2021

On 12 January 2021, the General Authority for Culture organized a cultural evening on the occasion of Amazigh New Year 2971. Taking place in the Rixos Hall in Tripoli, government leaders, intellectuals, artists, and cultural and social actors joined together to celebrate the cultural holiday. Attendees of the event enjoyed Amazigh band and poetry performances to mark the year 2971.

Under the banner of “National Identity Brings Us Together,” President of the General Authority for Culture Hassan Onis stated that after decades of exclusion, deprivation, marginalization, and discrimination, it is with great pride that Libyans of Amazigh heritage can officially celebrate Amazigh New Year. 

As a basic component of Libyan society, today Amazigh identity comes with the right to enjoy the heritage’s culture, language, and constitutional freedoms. Cohesion in Libyan society depends on the inclusion of all ethnic and cultural groups, and celebrations, like Amazigh New Year, help to guarantee the rights of future generations of Libyans.

We at the Embassy of the State of Libya in Washington, DC would like to wish all Amazigh a very happy New Year.