Arab American Day 2018

Arab American Day 2018




Arab American Day 2018

On Wednesday Dec 12, 2018 at the Organization of American States in Washington D.C under the theme of “Strengthening the Arab-American Partnership through Youth Empowerment “, H.E. Ambassador Wafa Bughaighis was keynote speaker on behalf of the Council of Arab Ambassadors, Arab League at the annual celebration of the Arab-American Day at the Organization of American States.

Ambassador Bughaighis expressed her appreciation and highlighted the important role of Arab-American Youth in building the future and as a pillar for development and progress regionally and globally. Ambassador Bughaighis also welcomed the initiatives that were presented to contribute to empowering Arab youth in developing their leadership and furthering creativity.

The event was hosted by the Arab League, attendees, including several U.S State Department officials, Arab Ambassadors, Scholars, US Corporate, and Arab American Community

During the event, Mr. Ziad Al-Hajjaji a Libyan Researcher and inventor was included amongst the selected honorees and was awarded with a Plaque of recognition for his scientific efforts in the field of Information Technology.

The Embassy of the State of Libya in Washington, D.C also participated in a pavilion at the exhibition hall. Libyan Artifacts , information booklets promoting artistic heritage and some publications were displayed.