Political Affairs

The Embassy’s Political Affairs supports bilateral relations between Libya and the United States. The office communicates with U.S. authorities such as the Department of State, Congress, and the White House. It also prepares reports for the Libyan government on U.S-Libya political bilateral relations, as well as U.S. relations with other countries worldwide. The office also researches the impact of U.S. policy on Libya.

After delegation visits by Libyan officials to the U.S., as well as delegation visits by U.S. officials to Libya, Political Affairs is responsible for the follow-up with both sides.

Political Affairs also follows up on Congressional hearings related to Libyan affairs and the Middle East and North Africa region, as well as statements made by the Administration and Congress. The team also attends think tank events in Washington and drafts reports on expert opinions.

Political Affairs communicates with its counterparts in the embassies of allied countries in Washington.

Media Affairs:

The Embassy’s Media Affairs oversees press and media activities in the Embassy of Libya in Washington. The Media Affairs office provides information to U.S. and Libyan media on Libya, its culture, its heritage, its traditions, as well as current updates and news from Libya and on U.S.-Libyan relations.

Media Affairs produces updates and reports on activities of the Libyan Embassy in Washington, as well as the activities of the Charge d’Affaires.

The office also oversees U.S. journalists wishing to visit Libya, and supervises visa applications and follow-ups.

Department of Economic Affairs

The Department of Economic Affairs follows up on economic relations and cooperation between Libya and the United States. It participates in economic forums held in the US, as they relate to Libyan affairs and coordinates economic delegation visits between Libya and the US. Responsibilities include taking appropriate follow-up action on economic meetings between Libyan and US stakeholders.

The Department of Economic Affairs is charged with follow-up to the annual meetings of international financial institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank. It strives to promote the positive state of economic affairs in Libya, including expansion of opportunities for cooperation and investment.

The Department serves as a point of contact for representatives of American companies that have an interest in Libya, and facilitates coordination with the appropriate authorities in Libya.

The Department of Economic affairs promotes the establishment of economic agreements and treaties between Libya and the US, and also carries out tasks entrusted to the department by the Head of Mission as needed.

Health Attaché

The Embassy of Libya’s Health Attaché reports to Libya’s Minister of Health. The attaché coordinates with educational and training health authorities in the U.S.

The office provides medical supervision to Libyans sent to the U.S. for special treatment, and provides advice to Libyan citizens interested in treatment in the U.S.

The office oversees the hiring for vacant positions within the State of Libya’s health field, especially within the Ministry of Health.

The Health Attaché is also responsible for examinations prior to marriages of Libyan citizens in America, and issues certificates after the examinations on behalf of Libyan authorities.

Culture Affairs office

Culture Affair Office provides information on Libyan society, its customs and traditions, its various social institutions such civil society, women and youth organizations, etc.

Culture Affairs Office works on establishing relations between Libyan civil society institutions and their counterparts in U.S as well as among human rights organizations in the two countries. It participates in cultural events held in The US.